Key objective of Fluid World is the satisfaction of our customers, always taking into consideration the quality of life of our employees and respect of the environment.


Fluid world arises from 20 years in the field of hydraulics.

Our points are:
– Availability: quick responses to customer requests, through three-dimensional design and prototype production in a short time, also taking into account requests with small lots.
– Quality: our components are completely produced in Italy and 100% tested, finally traced with matrix system for each single item to guarantee the Made in Italy.
– Service: respect of confirmed delivery dates;
technical and design support during initial request and assistance directly in the field during commissioning.

These are the bases on which we have based our business decisions, some of these expanded in the year 2018:
Investing in new test benches at high flow rates and pressures, for product testing and testing;
Improving the matrix service allowing the consultation of the technical page directly from the product, through our app;
Developing a constant commitment to consider environmental aspects such as waste disposal, provide for the use of recyclable packaging and optimization of deliveries.

In 2018 we’ ve inaugurated the new headquarter, modern and appropriate to our needs, with offices and production departments provided with large well-lit spaces to ensure the best workability.