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On 20 July 2022 OLEODINAMICA MARCHESINI S.p.A. (“MARCHESINI“) has finalized the acquisition of 100% of the capital of FLUID WORLD S.r.l. (“FLUID WORLD“).
MARCHESINI, founded in 1982 by the Marchesini family and based in Prevalle (Brescia), is the undisputed leader in terms of turnover and number of pieces produced and sold among manufacturers of hydraulic valves for the agricultural sector.
The acquisition of FLUID WORLD is part of the broader medium-long term industrial strategic project initiated by the new majority shareholder of MARCHESINI, aimed at strengthening the presence of MARCHESINI on all markets, with expansion of the product range and entry into new markets including earthmoving, lifting and cleaning.
FLUID WORLD will expand the commercial proposal of the OM GROUP which at the moment in addition to Marchesini is also composed of Oleodinamica 2MP based in the province of Piacenza and specialized in the production of hydraulic blocks and cetop bases and by NALDONI and BIONDI based in Lugo di Ravenna company specialized in the production of cylinder components.
FLUID WORLD will maintain its identity as well as the high quality of its products and will be a plant of excellence within the group where the proposal of new products such as cartridge valves, overcenter valves and customized integrated blocks will be strengthened.
Graziano Melloni (who will hold the position of Chief Executive Officer of Fluid World) will be flanked by Mr. Dino Falciola (CEO of OM Group) and looks with the utmost confidence at the new shareholding structure and the new governance and feels very satisfied and enthusiastic about this transaction which it will give renewed impetus to the company’s development and growth process, allowing at the same time to exploit industrial, organizational and commercial synergies with MARCHESINI, demonstrating a continuity that represents a specific will of the new shareholder.
We remain available for any clarifications and are sure to be able to give you new opportunities for your business.


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Directional Electro-Hydraulic Systems

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Directional Electro-Hydraulic Systems

DV3D is a direct electro-hydraulic modular system to control the fluid and direct it according to the specific customizations that the customer requires.
This system commonly called bankable is composed of working sections made of galvanized cast iron to which various types of options can be added (such as check pilot valves, solenoid valves, overcenter, etc …) and an inlet manifold that can be made at will in either aluminum and steel with manual, solenoid on-off and proportional valves.
The small dimensions, the great flexibility and interchangeability with other competitors makes this system very interesting both for machine manufacturers and for any retailer.
To limit the pressure drops and guarantee energy savings to the application, all exchanges and compensations are made directly in the body itself and not in the cartridge, also guaranteeing a reduction in weight and size.
DV3D has a maximum range of 30 l / min and can have totally electric or electric and manual controls at the same time thanks to the lever configuration.
Soon we will develop the version with proportional spool actuation and the version for larger flow rates up to about 60 l / min.


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FWorldDirectional Electro-Hydraulic Systems

Manifold for mulchers

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We produce special manifold for adjusting the flow rate for mulchers.

These manifold have the ability to limit the pressure, have anti-cavitation valve and to prevent the inversion of the motor rotation.

Possibility to customize your manifold for dimension and tipology of function.

Please contact our sales office.

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FWorldManifold for mulchers

New products in catalogue

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In production new types of valves:

  • WBS C 25 – Pilot operated check valve, cartridge
  • WBD 1SC – Single pilot operated check valve
  • WMD D 80 – Pressure relif valve, dual cross
  • WRCU – Flow regulator unidirectional compensated
  • WSD C 40 M22 – Sequence valve with external pilot and vent, cartridge
  • WUC F – Fixed throttle check valve

See the section “Catalogue” for technical characteristic.


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FWorldNew products in catalogue